Dear Stranger by Catherine Crowley

All these seconds will add up to me in the end. 

I've had so many letter requests, many of them asking for a letter about time – why I write about it generally, or why I've written about it the way I have in Words in Deep Blue. I thought I'd post a letter about it here, while I'm replying to individual letters. Cath x

At the end, I will take that second, and put it in my mouth. I will taste the unexpected tang of it. The dream-like texture. The hope. If my husband is still alive, and holding my hand, perhaps I will tear it, give half to him. I will go out with the memory of us on our tongues.
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Words in Deep Blue by Catherine Crowley

Words in Deep Blue has made it's debut at #11 on the Young Adult Indie Bestseller List and has been chosen as one of Amazon’s Best Books of the Year So Far in the YA category. Thanks everyone. This is very exciting. 

Words in Deep Blue 

Words in Deep Blue 

Words in Deep Blue - US Release - A Preview by Catherine Crowley

Words in Deep Blue - Audio Book Preview

Thanks PRH Audio, for putting this on Soundcloud. It's almost time for Words in Deep Blue to be out in the States. Thanks to all the people who have sent me messages. It took forever to write this book, so I appreciate the love. 

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