The request for letters is overwhelming in the best possible way. Thank you. I'm replying to those I've received as fast as I can. Please read this post by way of explanation and apology. As of 12 November, 2017, Letter Requests are CLOSED. I'll reopen as soon as I get through the back log. Cath x

 My Letter Arrived. 

My Letter Arrived. 


I love the idea of letters in books. Readers, leaving messages for other readers to find. Words in Deep Blue is about the connection that words create – across streets, across oceans, across skies. 

If you've bought a copy, and would like a letter to put inside it, you can request it using the form below. You might like to give a copy of Words in Deep Blue as a present, complete with a letter in the pages. You could request a subject (love, loss, hope or hopelessness). Or you could let me decide. Let me know to whom I should address the letter. 

No charge, just buy the book. Tell one friend about it. And leave a letter in a book for another book lover to find. 

And then request a letter via the form below.

As a side note, I'm not really expecting anyone to ask me for a letter. But as I'm not sure how many requests I'll get,  I'll run this for a month, to see how it goes. 


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