Writers and Creativity Series


We are back with our sporadic WRITERS & CREATIVITY series, and our wunderkind is EMMA VISKIC who you may know as the author of the Caleb Zelic detective series. This was a particularly special 'Emma, I"m wondering if you could' message for Ali, because her detective Caleb is deaf, as is one of Ali’s brothers.

From Ali—”I've thought so often about what my brother's experience must be like over the years, but when I read RESURRECTION BAY then AND FIRE CAME DOWN I had so many 'oh' and 'aha' moments and a renewed sense of 'fuck, you're amazing' towards my brother. Also, a fight scene where one of the protagonists can't hear makes for something quite exceptional. Thanks Emma. I am so looking forward to DARKNESS FOR LIGHT in December.”

How do you protect your creativity?

On a practical level, I keep my mornings free to write whenever possible, as that’s when I get my best work done. My brain seems power-down in the afternoon so that’s when I do all my running around and paperwork. The mental side of things is a bit trickier. I need and want feedback in the final stages of writing a novel, but outside opinions can shut down my creative flow in the early stages of a work. As a result, I’ve banned myself from reading Goodreads and Amazon reviews and never talk about my work-in-progress.

What do you wish you knew about your creative process ten years ago?

To trust the mess. I used to look at other people’s plans and storyboards and think I should be doing the same thing. But it’s only once the raw work is done that I can stand back and analyse what is and isn’t working. If I begin with a plan, my writing is neat, but bloodless; if I trust my instincts, I have to delete a lot of work, but the finished book is alive.